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JURAKI is an Indigenous Not-For-Profit community entity committed to creating, supporting & partnering in community activities, programs and (sporting) events that give Indigenous similar yet culturally-sensitive opportunities to main-stream. “Closing the gap from the Indigenous perspective” 

  • To promote and provide developmental opportunities for Emerging Indigenous surfers.

  • To promote local Indigenous culture within the broader Australian and International surfing communities.

  • To co-ordinate and participate in collaborative projects, including surfing events and other related activities.

  • To develop and promote appropriate best practise tools to ensure the objects of Juraki are achieved.

  • To raise funds through various means, such as sponsorship, fundraising activities, grants, business ventures, bequests and donations for the purpose of achieving the objects of Juraki Surf and Culture Inc.

  • To undertake activities that provides relief of poverty, sickness, misfortune, distress or helplessness with Northern NSW and South East Queensland and other Indigenous Communities.


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